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Double Header - November 15


Are you a vet? Do you know a vet? November 11th, is Veteran’s Day. In recognition of this dayThe Grand Raggidy Roller Girls are honoring our service men and women at our next game Saturday, November 15th. Teams will be competing in a double header against the Lansing Derby Vixens. Veterans and service personnel tickets will be discounted! 


We last saw Grand Raggidy tussle with the Vixens in May, 2013. The GRRG All Stars sent the Vixens back to Lansing with their fox tails between their legs. The evening’s smack down ended with GRRG’s 85 point lead!


With a WFTDA ranking of #5for GRRG and the Vixens at #117 our All Stars currently sit in favor of a win. Back in June, the Vixens traveled to Latonia, Kentucky to defend their rankings against the Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls. The Vixens skated the night away with a final win of 273 to 122.


Will rankings again rule the track on bout night? Don’t miss this opportunity to see two great teams hash it out on Saturday, November 15th. See you in Grandville!


Doors open at 5pm action starts at 6pm sharp! Tickets are $15 at the door. Advance discount tickets can be purchased for only $12 ($10 for seniors & students, $8 for kids) at Bartertown Diner or from your favorite derby girl! As always, the Bomb Squad will have some great entertainment lined up for our dear fans! So gather up your crew and come join ours for the night. We are all Grand Raggidy family!



Date: Saturday, November 15, 2014

Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm  

Location: Rivertown Sports, 2605 Sanford Ave SW, Grandville, MI



Most Valuable Member - September


September 2014 Most Valuable Member Award Interview – Hawaiian Punch


Congratulations to September’s Most Valuable Member, Hawaiian Punch!


Hawaiian Punch joined Grand Raggidy in January 2014, and has quickly become one of the league’s strongest rookies. Not only does Hawaiian Punch work hard on-skates, but she is also a huge force behind the scenes at Grand Raggidy. During our interview, I was consistently blown away by how much Hawaiian Punch fits into her life. She is a mother of four kids, an advocate for public education funding, the driving force behind GRRG’s revamped non-profit, and even finds time to coach a soccer team!


Giddy Up Anya: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hawaiian Punch: I’m a mom of four. I am the Project Manager/Director for H2Oasis, and I am the chair of Friends of Kent County Schools. We do a lot of advocacy for public schools throughout the state. I spend a lot of time in Lansing, working with house representatives, senators, and superintendents. We give a lot of presentations on school funding and how it works in our state.


That is so awesome! Can you tell me more about your volunteer work?

Yeah, that’s my passion. I also oversee all of the representatives from every building and boosters within Rockford [Public Schools]. We work to improve education and curriculum to give our kids a twenty-first century education.


That is just volunteer stuff that I do. I also work on legislative stuff, on the state level, developing public policy. We do a lot of press conferences and try to rewrite how education is funded in the state.


Is there anything you are particularly proud of that you’ve done or achieved with your volunteer work?

I was one of the recipients of the 2013 Champions for Children Award given out to recipients based on work that you’ve done in public education for children as a whole throughout our state.


That’s so impressive! I had no idea that you did any of that. How do you have time for derby with four kids, volunteer work and a full time job?

I just make it happen. I don’t get a whole lot of sleep [laughs]. I have the ability at my job to write my own schedule, so that is convenient if I have to be in Lansing or if there’s something that I have to do for the education things that I work on.


Also, derby is at night, so that works for me because my kids are going to bed. It actually kind of fits into our schedule because they have all their sports and activities during the day.


How did you first hear about Grand Raggidy and what made you want to get involved?

It’s pretty funny. It was surprise date night, my husband’s choice. He picked a derby match. I had no idea where we were going. We pulled up to Rivertown, and I thought that we might be going to an underground fight [laughs]. We went in, and it was roller derby!


After you saw [the match], did you want to join the team right away?

Yeah! I fell in love with it. I like aggressive sports. I said that I wanted to do BT [Basic Training]. I started in January. It was like a birthday present, getting my skates and stuff.


You’ve only been with the league about nine months now, but you’ve already made Charter, which are the top 20 players in the league. Clearly, you’re doing something right. Do you have any advice for newer skaters who are just getting started with Basic Training?

I was lucky that Shotgun Shell and Wheels McGee [the Basic Training coaches] did a really fantastic job spending one-on-one time with us. But I would also say that there were a few key people who helped me along on my way. Stepping outside and asking for more help was a big thing for me. Trashy Twolips was one of the mentors, obviously Shotgun Shell, and a couple of the other skaters were just… really helpful.


So would you say just be comfortable asking for help if you need it?

Definitely. With this type of group and this type of sport, you have to be pretty aggressive in it no matter what. If you want to learn more, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone.


I went to a board meeting a couple of weeks ago, and I had no idea how involved you were with Grand Raggidy’s behind-the-scenes operations. You started a boosters program and a scholarship. Can you say a little bit about your work with the board and why you started those programs?

When I found out that we all had to have a job, I looked at the jobs available and felt like nothing really fit where my talents are – in non-profit. I do a lot of non-profit work for Kent County Schools. I do a lot of fundraising and charity work. I have a lot of experience in that area, and I know how to raise money.


The [Grand Raggidy] Boosters wasn’t as active because they didn’t have anyone in that position. I reached out to Lucy [Morals], and told her my background. She gave me a couple of names – Kelsey Slammer and Whiz K. Shooter. They were involved in the Boosters when it first started. We met over the spring and summer and planned out what we wanted the Boosters to look like in terms of raising money.


We split up the job duties. I handle charity gaming. The scholarship was all done by Kelsey Slammer. That was her piece and she did the entire thing, wrote the whole application. Whiz K. Shooter handles all of our alcohol sales….


Basically, that’s how we started. We formed a budget, and we’re trying to raise money so that we can help pay for some of additional activities for the skaters – from when we need new jerseys, to when we need to travel, to when we want to do a training camp. That money would be there.


Do you have any game day rituals? Lucky socks or anything quirky like that?

Honestly? Not really. It’s always a mad dash to get everyone where they need to be. We have soccer games on Saturdays, and normally I coach soccer for the kids.


You coach soccer too?!

Yeah, I have one [kid] that does soccer, and one that does swimming, and one does travel soccer. Saturdays are really busy for us, so I kind of just try to make it there on time [laughs].


That’s fair! Last question: what’s one thing that no one in the league knows about you?

Oh man…


Any hidden talents?

I learned to do a backflip when I was two. And, I was on a traveling ski show team. Like, water ski show team. I was one of the women bare footers.


Did you travel anywhere exotic, or were you based in Michigan?

I went to Nationals for wake boarding in 2009. So I won my women’s division in Michigan and went to California. I think I placed eleventh.


Thanks so much to Hawaiian Punch for all the work she does for Grand Raggidy!




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